Dehydration in cats – tips to encourage your furry friend to drink up!

Many people think water is water for your cat, but this is not entirely true. There are various types of water from tap to bottled and rain water, your cat will have their own preference. I would suggest frequently change your cats water

Bowl choice 🍵

The type of bowl can make a difference, stainless steel or ceramic are a good choice, a big favourite is the pet water fountain, a lot of cats love to lap-up fresh moving water. Cats can be fussy where you are placing the water bowl, some don’t like it close to their eating area or they may prefer another room. Have a test and see or put several bowls about the house.

Multiple cats in the house 😼😸😺

Having multiple cats in your home may deter your fussy drinker, no body likes drinking other people water, your cat may feel the same and not like to share with other cats. Put several bowls of water in different locations.

All these tips and Still being fussy 🙀

If you are concerned that your cat still isn’t getting enough water, it may be necessary to add water to either dry or wet food. Normally a cat that will not drink water will go after a bowl of watered down favourites, such as tuna juice.