henry and shamblesAre you insured?

Yes, I carry full insurance and my cover note can be viewed on request.

Do you take nervous dogs?

If your dog has some difficulties dealing with other dogs we will come round, meet you and go for an initial walk to see how your pet interacts. I have a lot of experience with all sorts of animals and will make a judgement on whether your dog can go on a small group walk or needs to be walked individually. We don’t ever take aggressive dogs on group walks but we can walk them individually if required.

How many dogs do you take on each walk?

For some dogs it is important that they are not walked in large packs. I never walk more than five dogs at one time and more often walk three to four.

Will you let my dog off its lead?

We will discuss this and agree it with you in advance. We only ever let dogs off the leash when it is very safe to do so and I always carry a good supply of treats to reward recall. It’s far more fun to let the dogs off the lead and let them play.

What precautions do you take in case of emergency?

When we first meet we will ask you for details that will ensure we can deal effectively with any emergency. I take animal welfare very seriously and am canine first aid trained. In the event of an emergency we will take your dog immediately to your vet and contact you.

How do you ensure my security?

Dog walkers often have access to hundreds of keys. We have devised a special system which ensures that the owners address is never in any way linked to the key and that keys are only taken out of our home safe when the dog is about to be walked. I also hold an enhanced security vetting from Sussex Police.

If there’s a question we haven’t answered or you would like to talk through any details, please do just get in touch – call me on 07515 279422 or email me at .