Cat feeding & sitting in Brighton and Hove

We love our feline clients and their human owners and they seem to love us back!  Here’s some of the things they have said about us.

a786c759-f3a7-42a0-aadc-bb04a31aa5e0“My boyfriend and I have two Ragdoll cats who are our pride and joy and up until a couple of months ago we have never left them alone for more than one night (in 5 years!)

“We’ve had a few trips and weddings booked in this summer so we were keen to find a cat feeder who we could completely trust and someone who was going to take care of Dolly and Haxan (pictured) as if they were their own!

“I’m so glad we found Nettie, she responded to my initial email really quickly and was so friendly over email I immediately felt at ease leaving my two babies in her capable hands.

“Nettie came and visited the house and met Dolly and Haxan (pictured) before we went away to go through the cats routine and  where the litter/food etc is kept. Nettie then returned a couple of days before we went away to pick up the spare keys, these two face-to-face meetings with Nettie really helped squash any anxieties we had about leaving the cats.

“Whilst we were away, Nettie kept us updated with texts and photos so we were able to enjoy our trip knowing our cats were happy and safe at home.

“On our return the food area and litter trays were immaculate. I’m thrilled we’ve found someone we can trust to look after our cats whether we’re away for a night or a week and will be calling on Nettie for years to come!”
Amy Saunders, Brighton

“I’m relatively new to cat ownership and I was nervous leaving my cat and my keys with someone when I went on holiday.  I met a few different cat feeding services but Nettie was easily the best.  She’s thought of everything for you and your cat.  She had an immediate connection with my cat, Billy, and he seemed smitten!  More importantly, she was professional, experienced and I felt that no matter what my lively young cat got up to in my absence there was nothing that would faze Nettie.  I also love the thought she has put into ensuring my keys are always secure.  It’s that sort of detail that makes the service really stand out.”
Anne Butler, Preston Park

“I have used other cat feeding services in the past but your’s really is on a different level.  From the fact that you turn up in your uniform to the texts you sent us when we were away, the whole thing is really professional.  Now we don’t want anyone else to look after Buster!”.
Michael North, Artist’s Corner, Hove

“Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant service!  Never felt so confident leaving Smudge, our very loved family cat, with anyone.  Total relaxation on hols knowing he was safe in your care”.
Emily Miller, Kemp Town