Nettie In her UniformThe dog walking service I always wanted for my dog!

When my dog walker decided to go back to move on to pastures new, I didn’t want to let just anyone look after our dogs.  I wanted to find someone who would walk her only in small groups, who would be reliable and never let me down and who I could trust totally to look after my dog the way I do.

When I couldn’t find the perfect fit, I decided to put a lifetime’s experience of working with animals to use and start Paws Walk, Tails Talk.

I have spent all my adult life working with animals and in particular training young horses and I know how important it is that animals receive a consistent and quality experience.  I have looked after everything from dogs to ducks and cats to cattle.

I am insured and have police security vetting.  The service I offer is safe for you and your pets.

The service I provide is the service I want for my own pets (two cats, a bearded collie and a Cairn terrier).  It’s calm, professional, friendly and reliable.