WilliamA busy, well-socailised puppy is a happy pup. Read my simple tips for some ideas on how to keep your youngster occupied.

  • When leaving your puppy for a longer period of time, try freezing goodies in a Kong, such as unsalted peanut butter, plain yoghurt (no added extras) or as I am typing this in October, cooked pumpkin. A Kong is a dog feeding toy and available at all good pet stores.  The Kong generally tires them out trying to get to the food stuffs and enhances their natural behaviour sniffing out food!
  • When arriving back from being out, before anything open the back door and let your puppy straight outside.  Your puppy will be excited to see you home and will definitely need a pee and this will also encourage your puppy to be trained to go to toilet outside, as your puppy will associate you coming home with being let out to go to the toilet.
  • If your puppy is starting to get nippy as those new teeth start to grow, clap your hands or make a sharp yelp noise every time your puppy nips and replace your hand or legs with a toy to chew on.  This will alert your puppy that it is ok to chew the toy but not you.
  • Most of all socialise your puppy, they will learn from this experience how to be with another dog/puppy. Another advantage in doing this, besides the fact that it will help your puppy not to be fearful of other dogs, is that they can vent their energy in an acceptable manner.